Telling your stories in your own words

This amazing writer does not only write with a passion her work brings out her emotions and feelings on important matters and lifetime events. Find out more below on the fantastic author and the reason behind her magic.What got you into writing In the first place?

Couldn’t help it. First story I wrote was about a fish, written on a napkin, sitting at a desk in my moms office

Then I wrote cathartically, to get emotions out

(Middle school)

Then I wrote because it was like a fun puzzle (college)

Then I wrote because I needed to (post grad)

And now I write to figure out life, myself, and to explore all the things it means to be a human

(Napkin story was 1st grade)

Mom still has the napkin 😂

as a writer now what has been your favourite piece to write about?


Nature and how it teaches us lessons

Meditation & the quest for inner peace

Love in all its forms (esp with the self)

My family (though I don’t share any of those)

Oh wow…there sounds like some pretty decent stories! If you could do one experience again what would it be and why?

Ohhh great question,College, Actually no…

I was typing out my reasons why but I actually don’t think I’d do it differently. I think I’d do most of the things I did the same way, if I could actually change something I’d try to change my mindset when I was younger… I’d know I was enough, I’d know I was brave and meant to create and share things with others, and I’d do a lot more things that made me happy instead of made me look cool or be impressive to others.

With your writing I bet you have travelled a little bit what has been your favourite place?

Umm I traveled but not really because of writing, though writing is a journey in and of itself

I lived on a sailboat for a semester in college where I met my husband. We circumnavigated the Caribbean basin which was the coolest, hardest, and most rewarding experience I’ve ever had

Since then we’ve really tried to keep the adventure alive! We’ve gone Colorado and Utah for skiing, Utah again for off-roading in our jeep, Costa Rica for our honeymoon, Hawaii for scuba diving, and lots of little trips on the weekends around CA

Nature is our favorite and it really, really fills the soul

That sounds amazing, If you could give someone one piece of advice for writing what would it be and why?

Don’t stop.

And take yourself on dates. Alone. Just a note pad

Pay attention.

And lastly, doubt is the killer of creativity. Tell that asshole to get lost

Thank you so much for doing this I have learnt so much from people around the world and telling there stories it has been such an eye opener and pleasure to work with you. Guys if you interested in more of kimmery moss check her out on @kimmerywrites or go on the website 😊

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