Battle through the hard times to become the person you are today!

Stacie’s story battling through what could of potentially destroy her to become a growing public figure and have a wonderful life with her own little family!

When did you first become a public figure?

I actually started out back in the MySpace days, then Tumblr and finally found my platform on Instagram around 5 years ago, I never really took it seriously until around 2 years ago though!

What made you interested in becoming someone for others to look up to in the fashion world?

I have never really looked at myself as someone people look up to haha! But I’ve always loved sharing my style with others and since my following has grown I have been able to raise awareness around other subjects e.g. Mental Health.

If I can help just 1 person by inspiring them then that means the world to me.

What motivates you everyday to churn out great content?

I’m a really positive person, and a massive believer in the law of attraction so that plays a huge part in motivating me. You get back what you put in to things, so the harder you work the more rewarding it will be.

If you could give someone one piece of advice who’s starting out, what would it be? and why?

Be yourself and don’t look at the numbers. People get too caught up on counting their followers and worrying about ‘likes’ that they end up losing passion for what they were there for in the first place. Make friends, have fun and engage with other influencer’s that you love! ( That was more than one but it had to be said =D )

If you could do one experience again, what would it be and why?

Probably seeing my son for the first time, he changed my life in so many ways and without him I would still be in a very low place in my life. He inspires me everyday and makes me so proud to be a mummy!

What is your goal/aim in life?

This is going to sound so cliche, but just to be happy. Buy a house, get married and have a million dogs! As far as the industry goes I would love to be able to collaborate with my favourite brands and meet more amazing influencer’s who have had a huge impact on my career!

Thank you Stacie for your time and effort I really enjoyed sharing your story and motivations to the world. Great person and it’s wonderful what difference some people can make just expressing themselves. Follow her @littlestacie & follow me @chazpackham for more content and stories! ✌️😊