The Start of Something Big!

Emporia boss is a new upcoming brand new to the UK already having an awesome business they were looking to expand and branch out into this awesome clothing line.

As the story goes the name was brain stormed and thought of at a time and place were you would be winding down and looking to relax, but no and this is what happened;

“It’s funny the name came to my self when I was about to go to bed and I couldn’t stop brain storming ideas for a good hour until I had to calm my self and go to sleep I had been linking stuff in thinking of ideas then that light bulb moment came and that’s where the name emporia boss was born”

so the next step was to put a logo together can’t have a name and no logo it just wouldn’t make sense after the usual just jazz up the name with fancy writing ✍️ they had the idea of E.B short snappy and clean something to catch the eye noticeable and people like classy!

after this all came together I asked the question what motivated you, everyone wants to know what is the total motivation behind these clothing lines. The answer I received did not disappoint

“To leave a mark on this earth knowing it was me that made the mark, also the Mind set that you have to know where you want to take your concept, knowing that everyday we can improve Emporia’Boss how ever small it may be. Every hour of the day there is so much you can do if you know how to market correctly etc”

This short but sweet post has outlined the start of something big for these guys! And we will be tracking the continual progress as they grow from strength to strength! Follow @emporia_boss on Instagram also follow me for updates on these guys and the awesome work they are putting in to make there dreams a reality! ✌️😊

If you want to take a look on the website which will be up in the fall of 2019 but there is a discount code to hold on to below!

EB2019 enjoy!