One voice 🎤

Ross-jayh Crane up and coming singer, singing his own song to the world for all to listen. But we got to hear his story here’s below what Ross said when I asked him a few questions!

How did you first get into singing?

I first got into singing because it was a release from the real world and honestly I had been told that I have talent that I made people cry with joy when they heard me sing so it just made me want to make people have that moment of happiness as sometimes you could be having the worst day and then within a minute you could listen to something and it could change your mood.

What motivates you to continue singing now?

The thing that motivates me is my family, they are so encouraging and everything I do, even if I get something wrong they always make me feel so good I wouldn’t be here without them. They have helped me so much over the years another thing that motivates me is that I want my family to be proud of me and I know by achieving my dreams they will be. As that’s what they’ve always wanted from me is to be happy

What has been your best moment as a singer or performer?

My best moment of my singing career has to be when I was about 9/10 I had the chance to sing in a school choir at The Colston Hall in England even though it wasn’t alone I sang along side some of my closest friends & I’ve also auditioned for X-Factor, Britain’s got Talent and The Voice but unfortunately never got through to a round that aired on the tv.

As a singer who would you say your idol is?

I would say my idol is probably my grandma who passed away in 2004 she always pushed me to be the best I can be and she used to say ‘don’t put of tomorrow what can be done today’ this is a motto I live by, the only thing I can do now is just honour her by being the best I can be and always dreaming big and trying to achieve the dreams I have❤️

If you could give someone just starting to sing one piece of advice what would it be and why?

The piece of advise I would give is too always give it your all never try and achieve anything less than 100% but to always believe in yourself and just make sure that you have a great support system and always have someone to talk to, as singers we show a lot of emotion through our singing and I think it’s good to be so connected to music as music is a real release.

What is your goal/aim in life?

My goal is to make it somewhere in the music industry and become a professional singer & my aim in life and for the future is to always be happy and never let anything stop me from singing and being the best person I can be💙