Man Management!

Janes France a man taking the world by storm and having fun along the way working himself up from the bottom to the top. This guy helped us learn more about him and how his motivation for modelling is growing day by day,

When did you first start modelling?

– I started modelling as a casual thing. I started with friends who are photographers that eventually needed me for a project. I did not take it seriously until a year ago, when I realised how much I do love this.

Was modelling always a career choice?

I am a chemist (that is my field). Modelling was always a hobby for me. However, recently I am considering as a career choice. Things are going so so fluent and that is something I am motivated about.

If you could give someone just starting out one piece of advice what would it be and why?

My first advice for the starters is “You do you”. There are 1000000 models out there but the PERSONALITY is what makes the difference. We are models but we are role models for society. In terms of modelling itself I would advise them to start with local photographers and climb the hill step by step. Dont try to reach the top just at once. Build that confidence in front of the camera and there is gonna be a point in which the agencies/photographers would not resist your personal brand.

Of all the shoots you have done what’s your favourite and why?

This is a hard decision because every shoot provides experience and is unique. My favorite shoots are the ones with smart clothes. I feel they show a lot from me (my personality, the clothes I like and how determined I can be). It does not mean I don’t love it when I try other outfits though.

If you could go back and do one experience again what would it be and why?

One of my most funny experiences : was when a photographer made me to dance Michael Jackson’ music while modelling. I LOVED THAT!

What is your end goal/aim in life?

My main goal in life is to make sure my family are proud of me. In terms of modelling, I want to show the world my personality and how real I am. This is modelling but we express so much with a picture.

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