Procrastinating and motivating

Erika has been exploring for years and here is a little insight of what made her start her page and what she’s getting out of all these amazing experiences check it out below!

What made you start a personal blog?

• I wanted to start a blog mainly to inspire people, both in travel and fitness. I wanted to show people that their lives can be anything they want it to be (with a little hard work) you can literally live out your dreams. You can be ANYTHING. Fitness wise, I want to demonstrate to others how you can still stay on track with your goals and remain active while you’re on vacation. I also want to be very real with my followers, by explaining the “ugly” side of my lifestyle as well. The hard parts. Many of my posts have pretty lengthy captions explaining the ins and outs of travel, or just little realizations I have had along the way that many people seem to relate to.

How do you get motivated everyday? To blog and work out?

• The truth is, I’m not motivated every day 🤣 I am a huge procrastinator and I honestly have about 15 blogs that are halfway written just waiting to be published. That being said, I just write about things I feel very passionately towards. I also put a ton of work into each blog so it becomes a lengthier process to complete each one. But I do want to get to a point where I can release a new blog every week or so because I have so many tips and tricks to share.

As for staying motivated, I am a very goal-oriented person. I like to set up goals for myself to keep me on track. For example alcohol is a big hindrance to me when it comes to achieving what I want (a better body, saving money, feeling good, being around positive, healthy people, etc.) so I took two months off of alcohol earlier this year, and am taking the next month off just to get myself back on track and in a better mental state ❤️ the biggest advice I have is, don’t wait for motivation, it will never come on it’s own. You have to push through the feelings of not wanting to do something that will inevitably be good for you, and literally just jump off the couch and do it. I promise you will be happy you did, and then it will become easier and easier each time!

What has been your favourite place you have visited?

• Ahh, such a tough question! Every place is so beautiful in its own specific way. But if I had to pick based on the whole experience, then I would 100% say Thailand. It was the most life changing trip for me, and the most adventurous time I’ve spent in a foreign country. Everyone was SO nice, spoke English, stayed in my first hostel and met so many backpackers, the country is so SO stunning, especially the islands! I’m working on a Thailand guide currently and will release that soon because I really could go on and on about that place! ❤️

If you could do one experience over again what would it be and why?

• Honestly, I think the second time I went skydiving was the best feeling I’ve ever felt! The first time was scary so I didn’t enjoy it as much, but for some reason the free fall was so fun the second time! And my instructor let me guide the parachute so that was so cool. I think the next time I go it will be in an epic location, like Dubai or Bora Bora !

After blogging and travelling what advice would you give to someone that is doing the same?

• I would say, if it’s something your passionate about and especially if you’re wanting to actually make money and create a business from it, don’t give up!! It’s SO easy to get discouraged and think you won’t be good enough, but you just have to push through. Those are the people who will make it. And just find a niche that you’re interested in and you really never know how far you could go!

When travelling what essentials would you take with you? And why?

• Okay so I’m definitely on the more high-maintenance side of backpacking, but I would say a huge necessity is a battery pack for your phone! Because you never know when you will need to use your internet, especially if you’re alone in a foreign place, so always having something to charge your phone with is a must. Also, you can download Google Maps and use it offline, so if you don’t have data you can still get back to your hostel/ hotel. The last thing I would say is buying small separators for your suitcase. It keeps your clothes and everything so organized, so if you’re living out of your suitcase it doesn’t get as stressful! You can buy them on Amazon 😊

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