Fight Through The Bad Times

Subena Bailey, is an inspirational women and pushed through some traumatic experience to be we’re she is today and we get to find out the story behind this lovely lady.

Q).What got you into the writing world?

After I graduate from college in 2017, a couple of months after, a traumatic event happened in my life that gave me awake up call. I decided that I was going to make that experience count by spending this year 2018 to find my mission in life, but I did not know how to go about finding that dream and motivation within myself and because of that I gave up a lot and lost motivation, but truly I was just petrified of being judged.

I always knew I was capable of more because I always felt it inside. Growing up strangers, friends, and family, always asked why I don’t model of if I am a model. My responds was always no because as a dark skin woman I did not want to put myself in the position of being criticize or someone telling me I had too many curves for their brand, which happen to me once when I went on my first modeling casting at the age of 14.

Q). How did you get to were you are today?

I decided that I was going to find a job within my career and start taking pictures for fun as a side hustle, due to the fact that I was always interested in modeling and being a creative director.

I choose to rebrand myself and bring out the glow that was always with me through dark times. This was the chance to bring it to life without any regrets. Shortly after my job ended, I set up an at home studio in my living room, and started shooting pictures from there, because I couldn’t afford a photographer.

Q). What motivated you to do this?

My main goal for doing that was to feel confident within myself, and to take control of my own life. I could have gone to modeling casting and photo shoots, but I choose not to because my aim wasn’t to be in magazines etc.  I choose to do it for me whether it would be recognized or not, because once you are true to yourself and you do what you love others will see it and want to support you.

Q). What’s the one piece of advice you would give people just starting out??

My advice to someone who’s starting out in any field is to be true to you.  Life will have downfalls and potholes, but that’s the beauty of it. To bloom we must go through a phase of worrisome and struggles. So if you’re going through that when you are starting your dream, don’t stop.

There’s always a foundation before the empire. Struggles, depression, anxiety, are something we will all face, so don’t think that you are alone. You must keep walking, don’t run but slowly keep walking through the dark times because the light is at the end and everyone’s journey isn’t the same, so focus on your own lane and use others as inspiration instead judgment.

My support system wasn’t the greatest  and many people wished on my downfall and due to that I listened and It got me now where iam in life just more misery and self judgment upon myself,  because I choose to let others influence me and my life.

Q). If you could ever go back and do an experience again what would it be and why?

The only thing I regret in life was not being a better daughter when I had the chance.  I lost my mother, 3 months before my 16 birthday and that pain will always be with me. So when I go through struggles I always stay grounded because no matter what I go through no experience will ever be greater than that. I was the first to find out she had past and the last person to see and speak to her and if I could live any experience again it would be to stay in the hospital bed with her longer. I thought that I would have had the chance to see her again the next day but she past the same night. Life isn’t grantee to anymore so live it as best as you can and I will make her proud by fulfilling my life dreams and goals.

Q). What is your goal/aim in life?

I recently decide that I wanted to become an entrepreneur after I accomplished my BA in Health Service Administration. In my community and from social media I have been inspired by so many of my peers who have been taking charge of their life and making a name for themselves. Due to the fact that my background is science I never was interested in the business world. But now all I can think about is branding myself and helping others. Starting next year I plan to release my first business which is going to be a natural skin care line to help others feel more confident not just on the inside but outside as well.  I have several business plans in mind that I will be executing through the rest of my years as well as my retirement and non-profit.
My goal in life is to open businesses and support woman across the global that struggle with self pain and have no one to turn to.